Friday, April 28, 2006

The miracle of sight

My glasses broke after many years of faithful service, and although I am not as blind as a bat, they most certainly help. The patch-job made them very uncomfortable to wear, and I have always wanted contact lenses, but never had an opportunity to really make it worthwhile.

But now I had just such an opportunity. After almost an hour fitting the right eye, and one minute for the left eye, I walked out the store with them, and I could see! Without my glasses. It was, and remains, a magnificent experience. As I said to the optician: "You gave me sight. Thank you."

As I walked back to the office, all I could think about was how it must feel for someone completely blind one moment, then healed by the power of God, to be able to see. How can you explain that overflowing joy to someone else? It is difficult. But God knows.

The last time I felt this way was when my left leg was shortened to be of equal length to my right leg, in a powerful miracle of God, captured on video. I still want to post it on one day. Makes great viewing.

God is truly all-powerful, and nothing is impossible for Him. As He said: "I am".

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