Sunday, April 23, 2006

Breaking the dry spell

It has been thirteen years since I played bass guitar on stage, live. Until tonight, that is. So how did I do? I did ok. Made a few mistakes, but overall had a great time with Team 2. I have always enjoyed playing with Bernie, the drummer. We have a good rhythm thing happening, the way it should be between a drummer and a bass guitarist.

I had fun. I am still not on a roster, but I agree that I probably should not be at this stage. It is difficult when you travel a lot.

Next time I will have the overall foldback volume softer. Did I mention that I had fun?

One more thing: After such a long time, praying before we went on stage, feeling the tangible presence of the Lord with us. It was great. And I missed that the last thirteen years.

I was looking for the Grace Community Church website in Newcastle, South Africa where I last served as part of a worship team. But all I could find was a reference to the church by Shiloh Church International in Durban. The pastors Ron and Lindi Masters were worship leaders at Grace Community Church at the time, and apart from playing there, I also joined them as bass guitarist in a band called Straight Ahead. It was in this outfit that we ministered in Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Don't bother Googling for it, as you will find countless bands with the same name, but not our old one.

On another front, my darling wife this morning produced her first service, on her own. I am very proud of her.

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