Monday, June 26, 2006

Legal XP owners, arise

One of the nicest things about now being legal, apart from getting frequent updates, is that my computer can now hybernate. Since I have first used this feature, I just knew that every computer should be able to do that. How is it useful to me? I can pause my Flight Simulator in the middle of a flight, Hybernate, and then continue again a few days later.

I have nearly finished setting up my new hard drive with all the programs and data, and will hopefully be able to make a Norton Ghost backup later the week.

Oh, and did I mention that I now no longer need to feel guilty about my Windows version? The truth shall set you free.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ladder telemarketing commercial gone wrong

This must really have hurt!

Frantic week and my first song in years

It started on Saturday: Perth-Singapore-London-Stockholm-Luleå, meeting on Monday, Luleå-Stockholm-London-Narita, meeting on Thursday (today), and tonight back to Perth via Hong Kong.

But as tiring as it was, I had lots of fun, and am glad I could go. And God arranged an upgrade to first class on the London-Narita leg, as well as a complimentary massage in Heathrow. I felt truly pampered, and privileged. So this is my public thank you to my Lord Jesus.

Speaking of which, here is something I wrote down sometime the week. If anyone wants to add music before I do, please feel free.

Thank You for all You have given me
When I look at what I have,
all I can do is to give thanks
You truly are my provider.
My hope rests in You.
My enemies plot against me
Scheming and planning my downfall
But You lift me up from the ashes
You restore my health
Restore my faith
You bring healing to my life
And all I can do is give thanks.

I praise You because You are my provider
My source of strength
With out You I am nothing
Take all I have
All my abilities
My talents
Without You it is all nothing.

I long to worship You
Long to praise You
It is all about You
Not about me
It is all about You
Not about me

Luleå runway at speed

The runway at Luleå in Sweden. Pretty cool picture, heh! And to the pilots reading, no, I was not this fortunate. Snapped it as we turned to backtrack down the runway.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fresh as a daisy

Fresh as a daisy. That's how I feel now. I have just had a magnificent shower in Heathrow, on my way to Sweden. First time ever that I have showered in the middle of a series of flights, and I will do it again. So why is this so exciting? Who knows.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hope Rwanda very successful

Hope Rwanda is touching lives in a way that only God can. People have access to medical teams, houses are built for widows of the genocide 10 years ago, children's prayers for rice and blankets are answered by people halfway across the world, teachers receive teaching aids, people are miraculously healed as people lay hands on them and pray.

To read more, visit the official Hope Rwanda blog.

Keep on praying. Keep on giving. Be part of God's answer to the world's problems.

Monday, June 12, 2006

A ringtone meant to fall on deaf ears

This article from the New York Times (you will need to subscribe to see it) tells of a high frequency ringtone that many adults can not hear, but children can. So I have now downloaded it, and installed it as my Meeting Profile Ringtone. The experiment will be to see how many of my colleagues will hear it ring.

"In settings where cellphone use is forbidden — in class, for example — it is perfect for signaling the arrival of a text message without being detected by an elder of the species.
"When I heard about it I didn't believe it at first," said Donna Lewis, a technology teacher at the Trinity School in Manhattan. "But one of the kids gave me a copy, and I sent it to a colleague. She played it for her first graders. All of them could hear it, and neither she nor I could."
The technology, which relies on the fact that most adults gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds, was developed in Britain but has only recently spread to America — by Internet, of course.

Which reminds me of another crazy experiment: Eating only monkey food for a week. Adam Scott from Canada did this, and you can find his video diaries over on The last video states that if you only act on your good ideas, you will never do anything. I do not agree with the sentiment, but his ordeal/experiment is quite funny.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Light of the World

Jesus truly is the light of the world. I am amazed more and more every day in how intricately perfect everything has been designed, and made, for our pleasure. Apple blossoms, luring bees, waiting for cross-pollination. Who thought of that? The apple tree? I don't think so. The banana, fitting into a human hand so perfectly. Did we engeneer it like that? I don't think so.

The sun, the moon, the stars. All just there for our pleasure, our amazement. Gazing up into the heavens, wishing we could travel there, wishing we could fly. Wishing we could swim like the fish do. We were put here on earth to enjoy life, to mange and reign over this planet. And I know we are not always responsible as a human race.

Perfectly crafted in the image of God, with free will, the ability to choose our destiny. What a profound responsibility. Seeing one of my colleagues' heart aching, searching for something more, yearning back for teenage years when life was simple, and joyful. Well, it can be that way again. It can be that way all the time.

God knows the number of hears on my head. Why? Because He can, and because He cares. And He looks after the sparrows day after day. So why should we worry about earthly concerns. God is there for us.

I want to work hard, excel to the best of my ability, make music from my heart, dance like there is no tomorrow, love God and my family with all my heart. Love my colleagues, love everyone I see, and those I do not see.

Pray for everyone I know, in all the countries I have been, for healing, for a renewing of their minds, and hearts, that they may know You, God. I want to have a guard in front of my mouth, speak only things that inspire, and make people think.

I want to be known as God's child, not as anything else.

God, my soul cries out to You today. Hear my prayer, hear my cries. Forgive my sins. THank You for loving me, despite my fallen human nature. Despite my many transgressions. Your love is difficult to fathom. So big, so kind. And yet, we were created in Your image. We have the same capability, we can love the same way if we so choose.

I pray for healing for my wife, for Your touch on her body. I pray for less travel for me, for more time to spend at home. I thank You for Your protection.

What am I doing in Perth, Lord? I am ready to do Your will. Please make it known to me. I know that the time is coming soon.