Thursday, July 27, 2006

Silence of the hand

I can not remember when last I posted something here. And even today there is not much to say.

Except perhaps, that it is a beautiful day, lots of rain, lots of wind, and we need it - the rain, that is, not the wind. Life has been good since my last scribblings. And I can ask for little more.

Commercial Level Simulations have announced that they are in the process of modelling an Eclipse 500 light jet. I will be following that with interest.

Apologies to my regular readers, I will eventually get back on top of workload, family life, music, beta-testing, and a few other things...

God bless.

Monday, July 17, 2006

FSX Shared skies video

Found this on Avsim. It is a video featuring the new shared skies concept in FSX. Not a new concept, but a great video. 38 Mb .wmv file, for those that might find it a constraint.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

John Patitucci on bass

Just for fun, here is John playing a classical Bach piece. I am deeply humbled. But, perfect practice makes perfect.

And here is a great solo from John as well.

Jaco Pastorius Improvising

Awesome video. Now, why didn't I bring my bass along with me? I really wish I was home now. At least I can still do my finger excercises... Via.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The evolution of dance

This must be the best video on Youtube ever. Original page.

Our pledge

Today my wife and I went for our Australian citizenship interview. Only a few more months now, and we will have full citizenship. Very exciting, is it not? I can hardly wait to get my Australian passport. Just imagine, just one visa per year, not ten filling up pages in my passport. I had a look this morning, and it is incredible how much I have travelled in the last two years. A few more months, and the passport will be full.

Which is a very interesting subject in itself. Every time I now go through passport control, I have to specify a page number where the officer can stamp. Else the risk is that someone stamps on a blank page, removing a whole visa page in the process. Oh, the stresses of frequent travel - LOL.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Not by might, nor by power

but by My Spirit, says the Lord Zec 4:6. And thus it was tonight during worship. I had a tough week, a tough Saturday, and I felt terribly unprepared. But God stepped in, made our music heavenly, taking our hands and voices, and making it perfect, despite our imperfections. All I can do is give thanks, thanks for the grace, the mercy God shows every day of our lives.

For without Him we are nothing, our talents, our abilities are worthless. And since we are here on earth only as stewards, nothing belongs to us. We can not take our posessions to heaven or hell with us, we have to leave it all behind. How nice it is to dedicate what we have to Him, and not to the world.