Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Model development

After a long hiatus Excel VBA and I have met again. Not to mention meeting thermodynamics and balancing chemical equations! I thought I knew most things about hot metal pre-treatment, but after extensive research and coding it myself, I now know more. It has been revealing.

Another project I am working on involves a concept design of a steel plant, and this body of work has refined my views on how things should be done.

So how do you perform dephosphorisation, vanadium recovery, desulphurisation and silicon removal in the most profitable way? I think I am beginning to understand.

Perth Zoo friends

During the last school holidays we became Perth Zoo Friends, meaning that for a small fee we can visit an unlimited amount of times in the next year. The children love it, and I wish I had done it sooner.

This pelican was almost touchable, and leter on there were three pelicans for everyone's enjoyment.

Could have been taken in Vietnam. Truly a magnificent effort to recreate all these habitats.
By the way, this was our second visit already. One more to go, and we break even. Perhaps this afternoon?...

Everyone enjoys holding Sonja

A high res pic for grand parents to download and print (2Mb):

First up, the de Klerk family: Glou, Pieter, Glou's mom, and Marno.

The Berends

The Hanrettys

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The family grows

Sonja was born on 4 August 2008, 19h59 Perth time, weighing 2.498kg (5 lbs 8 oz), 47cm. Both mother and daughter are well.

Here is a picture of all my children together: Katja (Pure), Arnold (Strong as an eagle), and Sonja (Wise).