Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Enhance your flight simulator visual experience

Have a look at these Zenview Screen setups from Digital Tigers. My favourite is the Powerscape Ultra HD - drool. I think I really need an unlimited budget. And if you are wondering how on earth you'll drive these beasts, Digital Tigers recommend systems, and also sell systems specifically geared to your viewing needs.


praxistaxes said...

That's insane. The madness continues over at CineMassive Displays. Multi monitor setups are the future. I guess its about time technology trickled down from the eschelons of NASA and the like. Checkout the MasterPlex over at CineMassive. Insanely cool and maybe, just maybe, practical too.

Paul V said...

Thanks praxistaxes, but I already indulged. View this post:

praxistaxes said...

Sorry, I got a 404 page not found error on that link.