Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Drum skills - Mr Tony Royster Jr.

Wow! Such style, and elegance. And while watching this video, all I could think about was when I will get my own drum set. I have wanted one for so long, it it has been many years since I played drums (I only ever had one live performance).

Well, what do I spend my money on? I wish it could be on musical gear. But an airconditioner is more important. But if there is money left over... My daughter will certainly enjoy the move up to a proper drum set. But alas, my wife will not be impressed with the two of us. Will be fun, though. For a grand I can purchase a fair quality set, and with a metronome, teach my daughter how to keep proper time. And then jam, her on drums, me on bass. That will be so much fun.

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