Friday, March 17, 2006

My time in Tokyo

Almost a week now in Tokyo, and business is going well. Part of a new initiative is that we have to match a certain competency skill set as a marketing group. So today I designed a development plan to improve certain aspects of my skill set.

Some actions involve formal training, secondment to another section (where I do a lot of work now anyway), and journaling for a month (which I already do most of the time - here).

Finally made my webcam work yesterday, using The resolution is not as good as with MSNMessenger, but it works. I have been having endless issues the last few trips. I test the webcam at home, everything works, but as soon as I arrive in China or Japan, I am unable to connect my webcam through MSNMessenger.

It was so nice to see my wife and daughter again yesterday. It really helps to make the trip more bearable.

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