Saturday, January 14, 2006

Greetings from Beijing

My apologies for not posting, Shanghai has not been internet-friendly. Actually, even here in Beijing I can not access any blogs on the domain. Quite wierd. And neither does my webcam work with MSNMessenger...

It is warmer than I expected, it was -2 degC when we landed. What a day. The flight from Shanghai was supposed to leave at 10h40 this morning, and eventually an earlier flight left at 14h00. An Air China B744, with competent pilots (Yes, an earlier flight which was also delayed). We had lunch on the plane, while we were still on the ground. I sat in seat 1J in first class, and I was looking out the window to estimate the flare height of the cockpit above ground level, versus what the landing sensors situated between the main wheels would indicate. And strangely enough, it did not feel that high when we flared, and touched down.

One of these days, I will fly again. I really miss piloting. Any of you wish you could win the lottery, and spend more time doing fun stuff?

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