Wednesday, December 28, 2005

When depressed, shop for toys...

Well, it was either that or eat some more chocolate. But I had already eaten my quota for the month last weekend. Yes, I know there are other choices as well, but today I decided to treat myself.

I purchased a Saitek X52 HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick), as well as Falcon 4: Allied Force.

Now the long wait until the two packages arrive. It has been many years since Falcon 3, but I still remember those days fondly. To think back then I has a single joystick to fly with. I am still wondering how I will set up my desk to fit the new gear in. But I am sure I will manage.

You know, there is one thing wrong with making these spur-of-the-moment decisions: None of the two packages will be here before the long weekend. And they will arrive just in time for me to head off to China the week after. Bad timing on my side, mate. Really bad timing.

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