Monday, December 05, 2005

A Weekend in Tokyo

It sounds so romantic, does it not. Except if you have to work... I arrived Saturday morning, had a bath, lunch, and walked straight into a meeting. And the whole of Sunday also disappeared due to work.

So today I wanted to go to the Earthquake House, where you can experience a level 7 earthquake in a simulator, and learn some useful techniques in dealing with experiencing an earthquake. Alas, I spent the whoel day in bed, trying to give my back muscles as much rest as possible in preparation of the flight back to Perth tonight.

Narita airport is so quiet tonight. There are about fifteen people in the ANA lounge, where it is normally full.

The visit itself was quite interesting. We had a large internal technical meeting on Saturday, and I chose to stay at a different hotel to everyone else. I like my normal hotel, and it is within walking distance of the office, very practical. And there are few things so nice as to have breakfast, whilst looking at the koi dams outside the window.

Anyway, the main reason my colleagues prefer to stay in another hotel range from screwed up bookings (smoking / non smoking) to "ordinary". Imagine my horror on Saturday just after arrival, and I phoned the concierge. The phone rang for at least 30 seconds before someone answered. The same happened with room service, and with housekeeping.

Had I been blinded by the proximity of the hotel? Was I wrong, and everyone else correct? How could that be?


Anonymous said...

allow me to be your first comment...well done on the blog..phil baker

Paul V said...

Thanks Phil. Not yet as busy as yours, but Rome wasn't built in a day.