Friday, December 16, 2005

Sawasdee krup

Sunday I am off to Thailand for two days. Again no time to explore Bangkok, but there will always be a next time. I hope! This should be a very nice trip. Interesting technical meeting awaiting me. I wonder what questions I will be asked. But it does not matter much, I am prepared for almost anything.

Bought a new projector yesterday, a Proxima M2+. Much lighter than the state of the art Compaq MP1600 we have (state of the art when we purchased it some years ago).

One of the interesting features of the M2+ is that it is Liteshow compatible.

So now I have the M2+ on my desk, and will be taking it along to Thailand for its first use. Pity I do not have the Liteshow adaptor yet. But patience is a virtue.

My boss was so excited yesterday. He is in Brisbane at the moment, and he is much more of a gadget freak than what I am. So I derived some pleasure in telling about all the nifty features of the projector, and he has to wait a few weeks before he can see it - LOL.

Another thing I will be taking along is my brand new Canon A610 digital camera. Not the best looking camera out there, and quite bulky by today's standards, but I am more interested in picture quality than form factor.

So that took up an hour of my morning, mostly based on the New York Times Circuit email I received this morning. It seems that size does matter when it is about picture quality. And I am not referring to Megapixel count... But read the New York Times review by David Pogue, and you will see why my choice in digital cameras was easy.

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