Monday, May 02, 2011

A year without my father

It has been one year to the day that my father passed away. The anniversary of his passing has brought back many memories, some good and some bad. The good memories are of the times we spent together, the first time he took me fishing, teaching me how to drive, Sunday afternoon roast chicken lunches, Sunday night chicken curry.

The bad memories of that Sunday one year ago, the funeral that followed, seeing family and friends under circumstances I would rather not have experienced.

But such is life. We all have to go through this some time in our life. Never easy, though. And no-one told me just how hard it was going to be.

Now, one year later, I still very much feel the pain and loss.
So let me tell you, it will be very tough. You can not imagine the pain and sorrow and emptiness that you will feel. And see, that doesn't prepare you. Because you just can not imagine it.
Worst part is that God feels the same so often, everytime someone dies without knowing Him.

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Shane Killen said...

Don't know if you still read on this blog or not, but I went through the same thing earlier in life. Never an easy thing, but I think you may be right about God feeling that way as well.