Friday, January 11, 2008

Keyboard shortcut to create a new folder

This is something that has frustrated me for a very long time. I am very much old-school when it comes to using the dreaded mouse. Give me a keyboard only, and I will be happy. Why use the mouse to go select word, right click, copy, select new location, paste - when you can just go CTRL-C and CTRL-V?

Well, today I typed in the correct search string into Google Group Search, and hey presto, two easy solutions:
1) In any folder other than on the Desktop: Alt-F W F
2) On the Desktop: Alt-F10 W F

And also, the Alt-F10 shortcut is quite useful for other functions on the Desktop.



Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
Thank you bunches for fingding and posting that keyboard shortcut, I Really needed today for some file organizaiton, and it really sped up the process! Lots of air hugs to you for the nifty tip!


Paul V said...

Hi Vicky

Glad you found it useful.


marxus said...

Paul thanks so much. I was looking for this so bad, I hate using the mouse sometimes. Alt F W F is so quick. I had to make a bunch of folders and wanted to do it quickly.

Paul V said...

Hi marxus

Glad I could be of help. I find the mouse one of the worst productivity instruments. I once was sitting next to someone on a plane, and she did everything by keyboard in Excel and Word, and she was lightning fast. I have been a convert ever since.

Anonymous said...

I think it is easier to right click on the mouse and then with your left hand key in W then F