Monday, April 09, 2007

The end of Easter - back to the salt mines

I spent last week in London on business. The Singapore London leg was nice, since I was upgraded to first class on Qantas. But I also wanted to get back home a day early, and all SAA could offer me, a Qantas customer, was economy class. It sucked. Not to mention that they broke my guitar, and stole a trinket that was supposed to be a present for my wife. That really sucked.

Sorry, all my RSA friends and family, but the short visit to RSA just reaffirmed my conviction to never return if I can avoid doing so. Harsh words, speaking about my motherland like that. Since in any population group, there is a normal distribution of people. Most people are average, some are really good, some are really bad.

One bad apple spoils the whole basket? Well, it certainly spoilt the moment I unpacked everything.

Hmmm, I did mention salt mines earlier. So what is the deal with calling going back to work going back to the salt mines? In Western Australia, there are two main salt mines, one at Dampier, and one at Port Headland.

Mining comprises letting water into a flat pond, sitting back and watching the water evaporate, leaving salt behind, and scooping up the salt with a front-end loader.

Hardly back-breaking work, if you ask me. I have a friend who used to manage both operations, and she always heard the same joke about watching salt dry. Even though it kept her very busy...

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