Thursday, June 22, 2006

Frantic week and my first song in years

It started on Saturday: Perth-Singapore-London-Stockholm-Luleå, meeting on Monday, Luleå-Stockholm-London-Narita, meeting on Thursday (today), and tonight back to Perth via Hong Kong.

But as tiring as it was, I had lots of fun, and am glad I could go. And God arranged an upgrade to first class on the London-Narita leg, as well as a complimentary massage in Heathrow. I felt truly pampered, and privileged. So this is my public thank you to my Lord Jesus.

Speaking of which, here is something I wrote down sometime the week. If anyone wants to add music before I do, please feel free.

Thank You for all You have given me
When I look at what I have,
all I can do is to give thanks
You truly are my provider.
My hope rests in You.
My enemies plot against me
Scheming and planning my downfall
But You lift me up from the ashes
You restore my health
Restore my faith
You bring healing to my life
And all I can do is give thanks.

I praise You because You are my provider
My source of strength
With out You I am nothing
Take all I have
All my abilities
My talents
Without You it is all nothing.

I long to worship You
Long to praise You
It is all about You
Not about me
It is all about You
Not about me

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