Monday, May 22, 2006

South Korea here I come

Last night at home, before I travel again. Tomorrow this time I will be on a plane, hopefully asleep already. I had a wonderful time at home, and I am also busy with my Level 2 Microsoft Access course. It is great to put some meat around the bones of last week, and I had the opportunity today to clarify some of the aspects I have been battling with in my practice databases.

I have to start my wife's database over again, just because there are so many things I can do better now. And it suddenly seems so much less compleax than it did last week. Even the monster Excel workbook I mentioned earlier now seems easy to convert, especially since my last discussion with our tutor.

And he should know, he worked for Microsoft on the very first Access training documentation. Anyway, before I digress into a lot of technical jargon, I am really enjoying myself, and the new knowledge will be very useful at work.

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