Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Microsoft Access in action

So today and tomorrow I am starting my journey into the world of relational databases. Doing the starter course in Access 2003. So I arrive home tonight after music practice, and I suddenly have this brigt idea: What if I develop a database for my wife's business? Of course we do not have Access at home (yet), but I started in Excel, so that importing the fields into Access will be easy.

So now she has a customer database, with some customer data already filled in. I also started on actual sales data, but I really need an electronic product list to do that properly. Anyway, I am having lots of fun, but it started getting late, and tomorrow is another long day of training, and some really important/urgent stuff happening at the office.

That was quite interesting in itself, as I knew I would not be able to let go of work tonight. So I forwarded all arriving emails to my private email address, and had my mobile phone download new messages every half an hour. And lo and behold, at music practice, the message arrived from Bristol. I was able to respond, switch off my mobile, and concentrate on music practice thereafter. Very productive, and good that I could get the urgent stuff out of my system.

Times like this that I wish I had a Blackberry, but the new Nokia E70 (which is what I will get) has still not been released. The E70 supports push email, including Blackberry, has a nice keyboard, and works in Japan.

Me, I do not want to carry around a Blackberry, a G3 phone, and a Palm/similar organiser, I want to carry only one piece of hardware. I will hopefully soon be able to find out if the E70 is my dream come true.

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