Monday, February 06, 2006

International Star Registry

Well, I finally did it. It was my wife's birthday on 1 February, and I purchased her a star (I named a star after her, to be more exact). Delivery was prompt from the International Star Registry, and the package arrived in time for her birthday.

As stated on the website, included was a starmap, indicating the exact location of the star. It was a tossup on whether to purchase some land on the moon, or name a star in her honour.

My daughter helped me make up a nice starry card, and then we hid the present. But she could not wait until the next morning. We had to deliver the present that night. Did not take long to convince my wife of earlier delivery, and the two of them unwrapped the gift (the main attraction for a four-year old)!

Went outside and found the star. Not visible with the naked eye, but I have a telescope, and visible through there.

The night after my daughter and I were lying in bed, and she looked out the window, and said:" There is mommy's star".

It seems money can purchase such a level of enthusiasm for astronomy...

Check out the International Star Registry, but keep it to yourself until you have made a purchase. No need to let the cat out of the bag... Oh, and by the way, I also received a voucher for my next purchase.

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