Monday, November 28, 2005

A smile a day

My daughter will turn four in January. I have known for some time now that she has inherited my sense of humour, but today just took the cake.

We were playing dominoes, which involved taking them out of the box first, I won three games in a row, and then we continued to throw the dominoes all over the room. Now bored with this game, we decided to play with the two toy dogs in the living room.

But I insisted that she pack away all the dominoes first. In fact, my exact words were: "Pack away into the box, please, before we go to the living room. I will start picking up the dominoes."

So there I was, picking up the dominoes, and I turned around to look at her. There she was, her one doll carefully laid on top of the domino box. Which was perfectly correct. I never specified what she should pack away into the domino box...

So we both burst out laughing.

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