Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's ping = bad...


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Harsha Karunaratne said...

Hey Paul, my comment is unrelated to your post (sorry!) but basically I ran into a comment of yours on from 6 years ago (!) about recording your bass guitar on to your DAW using a Bass Pod XT and was wondering if you could offer some advice on the matter. I'm trying to do the same, using Ableton Live 8 as the DAW and the Pod connected through USB. I am able to record, but the sound that gets recorded into the DAW is not exactly the same as what I hear coming out of the Pod during playing: the recorded sound is somewhat split into 2 signals; so basically I am playing with effects on (distortion etc) but what gets recorded into Ableton sounds like its been split into 2 signals: the actual clean notes as picked on the bass, and the distortion as a separate sound.

Any thoughts on this? Is it a limitation of Ableton Live? Any advice you can offer on the matter (including pointing me to online resources, or just general information about how you use your Pod to record, or any tricks you've picked up along the way) would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot.