Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Line6 Variax 700 Bass guitar

I never mentioned my newest musical purchase - a four string Line6 Variax bass. Black, off eBay, a shopfloor model from over east. Had quite a bit of rust, and required a bit of TLC, but it only took me an hour or two to get it into reasonable shape. Still a bit of rust I have to continually monitor, but it was well worth the very low purchase price.

What makes Variax so special? Well, it is a modelling bass guitar. It uses Piezo pickups on the bridge, and modifies the sound to that of a number of classic models, e.g. Fender Jazz bass, Fender Fretless (a.k.a. Jaco Pastorius), Upright, 12 string, a few modern bass guitars, etc.

Works very well with my Line6 Bass POD Live, which can change Variax settings via MIDI when you selct a different Amp/effects channel. Way cool.

Pity the Variax bass never caught on more, and Line6 has stopped manufacturing them. One day I will own an electric 700 guitar, as well as a Variax acoustic, but all in good time. The list is growing, though. I now have the Lowdown 150 amp, the Pod, and the bass. I will stop now for a bit. 


Alex said...

hey.. just wondering.. what did u use to clean out the rust from your line6? I have a problem with rust as well and i'm thinking of cleaning it up..

Paul V said...

Hi Alex

Furniture polish and some elbow grease. I actually am still on the same 7-year old can, that I use for general guitar cleaning.

peaceout said...

HI Paul!
Susan from California here.
I wondered if you could share what you paid for your Variax 700 Bass as I am selling one that is like new and trying to make it a fair deal for somebody. It has not been used so somebody will get a sweet instrument!

Paul V said...

Hi Susan. AUD1100. If you look for new models you will find them at ~USD1000 to USD1500 advertised in shops and private sales. Hope this helps.