Thursday, June 21, 2007

Samsung Q1 Ultra demonstration feedback

So I saw it today, and I was suitably impressed. The split QWERTY keypad on the side was not as good as I expected, with me frequently having to correct double-typed characters.

But I didn't care. Who needs that when you have the thumb-typing on the screen (which I found to be very responsive, unlike other models I played with today which needed a positive, slow touch to ensure accurate typing), and of course the hand-writing recognition of Windows Vista.

That was just awesome. It recognised my boss' scribbles, but struggled with mine out of the box. I swapped the stylus for my trusty Pilot G-2 07, and since I was holding a proper pen, my handwriting improved to almost legible. But Vista managed to get 100% recognition.

Of course it can only get better, as Vista's hand writing recognition software learns the way you write, and even learns how you write certain letters in different contexts.

But this is not a report on Vista's capability.

The only other product that came close was the OQO model 02 , very nice typing experience, fast processor, but only a five inch screen.

The Samsung's seven inch screen won me over, and I am already waiting impatiently for mine to be delivered, our company image of Windows XP Tablet Edition to be put on, and me starting to use it.

My original thought was to use it as a companion to my Dell Latitude D610, but now I am thinking I might try it as my main system for a while. Only when I program and run models do I really need something more powerful.

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