Saturday, May 26, 2007

Canon Powershot S5 IS

My Powershot A610 was destroyed photographing some nifty experiments, in very dusty conditions two weeks ago. Pictures were great, but every moving part is now contaminated with fine iron ore. Anyway, I have to replace it, and have been researching the latest Canon model.I like the larger lens, as well as the 12x zoom. It should make for better pics in low light conditions, such as when my daughter dances on stage. Hate using the flash at concerts, as it ruins the ambience of the stage lighting. Some places have really good prices on the S5 IS, and it is amazing how far technology has progressed in the short time I had my trusty 610.

Why another Powershot? There are lighter, more compact cameras available. But picture quality of the Powershot range is hard to beat.

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