Thursday, January 04, 2007

A son is born

Unto me a son was born on 3 January 2007. He shall be known as Arnold, for he is strong as an Eagle. 2.38 kg (5 pounds 4 ounces), 44 cm tall, both he and mom healthy.


Helen in SH said...

What a cute pink baby:)
Congratulations to you, Paul.
And wish your family Happy New Year!

Jay Jay said...

Hi Paul & Sanet and Katja
Congratulations on the birth of your BEAUTIFUL baby boy -Arnold Vermeulen. May he bring you much joy and happiness en mag Hy die man van God wees - Sterk, vol wysheid, liefdevol en God soekend.
Baie baie liefde
Jay Jay, Paulina, Jacob & Edward!

Paul V said...

Thanks Helen and JJ.

Katherine Taylor said...


Congratulations – his beautiful. A whole world of fun to come…!