Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin Obituary

One of my role models passed away this week, swimming with a ray in the Great Barrier Reef. A role model, because I wanted to be more of a nature-oriented person, not confined to my office job. Knowing about animals, how to treat them, how not to treat them. How to pick up a snake or scorpion without being bitten - basically all the things a man should know how to survive in the bush. And have some fun wrestling with crocodiles, and such like!

I will miss you, Steve. And my family's prayers will include your family for some time to come. The road ahead will be lonely for some time. Fortunately God sent the Holy Spirit as our comforter, and I hope/pray that Your comfort, which is above our understanding, will impact their lives.

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"The Lioness" said...

Paul, we share your prayers. My husband Hamish is such a huge fan and he was pretty emotional when he found out. Steve was really inspirational in the fact he followed his passions without thought of what the world thought of him and used his influence for a cause greater than himself!
In that we pray that he knew our Lord & saviour and his family are comforted by his precious Holy Spirit!